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Delta Nano Auto XT
Delta Nano Auto XT

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Delta Nano Auto XT is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, deodorizing hygiene spray treatment by car workshops or car grooming stations.


  • H1N1...........  Swine Flu Virus

  • H3N2...........  Common Flu Virus

  • S.Aureus......  Common Skin Bacteria

  • E.Coli............ Diarrhea Causing Bacteria

Eliminates odor.......Durian, Seafood, Cigarette, etc..

♦     Mitigates surface to surface contact transmission of diseases.

♦     Surfaces sprayed with Delta Nano will remain active  to kill bacteria and viruses for as long as 3 months.

♦      Totally No toxic chemicals.

        A technology licensed from A*STAR
        Agency for Science, Technology and Research of Singapore

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