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Delta Nano Water Repellent for Mineral Surface
Delta Nano Water Repellent for Mineral Surface


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Delta Nano WaterRepellent is a transparent penetrating water repellent spray for mineral surface. It protects mineral substrate from the damaging effect caused by water ingress. It is water based and non toxic.



  • Excellent water repellency.
  • Protect substrates from freeze-thaw damage.
  • Help prevent spalling concrete.
  • Does not affect the appeareance and texture of substrates.
  • Breathable, UV stable.


Areas of Application

  • Mineral substrates like concretes, mortars, bricks, natural stones etc.


Direction for Use

Ensure the substrate is clean and dry. Spray onto the substrate until wet. Allow product to soak into the substrate. Spray additional coats for more porous substrate. 





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